We have 7 days to see if that ARTPOP Act II rumor is real.

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venera9 asked: "Is that Nicole Richie?"




betch no.

ps: hector wants u in his bussy <333


it’s directly inside the rectum. push your finger toward the top of the anus and feel for a budging sight. you’ll know it immediately when you find it. it will feel phenominal. maneuver your finger back and forth on this spot. start out slowly and eventually you won’t be able to resist the temptation to build up speed. keep going——you’ll have a great surprise.


*quick ego stroke* u look great

And I feel great tbh

Thank you Natalie, baby! I love you so much <33 :]

venera9 asked: "Is that Nicole Richie?"


betch no.

ps: hector wants u in his bussy <333

Anonymous asked: "You are very handsome:)"

Thank you :]

I got 5 followers and 52 notes from the bicep selfie.

Confidence up by 207.4% ^



before and after meth

yes that’s right ladies if you don’t have makeup on you look like a drug addict. 

Katy Perry’s first and last attempt at crowd surfing

Lady Gaga dancing in a hot dog custume.


I hope it’s a very friendly gay ghost